Imperfection is Beauty

We resonate most deeply with spaces that embrace nuanced beauty...the patina of history; the intrinsic character of place; the undone elegance of nature; one-of-a-kind details found in unexpected, even accidental sources. We believe in value that comes from this warm balance — a pleasing frisson of contrasts.



We believe the most impactful spaces are the ones that cultivate connection — with others and ourselves. We deliberately create interiors that consider how we move through them, how we will use them, and how they can add value to our daily lives.


Art as Muse

We intentionally look away from trends that feel like a footprint of this moment and find our deepest inspirations from art history, getting lost in interdisciplinary research, and seeking to create fully sensorial, tactile worlds through spatial balance.


Slowness as Virtue

We work to organically shape a space, starting from observing, listening to, and celebrating what is already present. We believe in slow, considerate design that speaks powerfully through a gentle touch.